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With this few lines, we would like to welcome you to our webpage, and introduce our company and products that we expect can fulfill your requirements. 

Graupe, S.A. - Joresa Chains, represents a long tradition in the world of mechanical transmission, and particularly, in the Roller Chains. Historically, we have been concerned with the needs of our customers, to provide them, with effort and dedication, the best service and the best products in accordance with the demanding quality level of our market.


Graupe, S.A. and its Joresa brand Roller Chains, has over 65 years experience in the design and manufacturing of mechanical transmission Roller Chains, according to standards or customized, made of carbon steel or stainless steels. Additionally, in our range of products, we have sprockets and plastic guides, standard or special.


Among the main customers of our Roller Chains, Sprockets and Guides, we are proud to find the main Industrial Machinery Manufacturers and Industrial Distributors of mechanical transmission components, to which we must thank their trust over all these years.


In this webpage, you can find our general catalogue with the range of products that we can supply, mainly, our Joresa brand Roller Chains that are manufactured according to the requirements of ISO9001 certification. In addition to the several types of Roller Chains that are shown in our catalogue, we are able to manufacture special chains for machinery and other facilities. All of this, taking into accounts the technical support of our team and the long experience that we endorse.


Thanking in advance your interest in our products, don't hesitate to contact us for getting additional information about them, ensuring that you will be attended with the utmost efficiency and we will offer you the best quality in our products.

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